Get a .ICU Domain Name from Namesilo
.ICU, Shorthand for ‘I See You’ is the perfect domain whether you are launching a new idea or re-branding an existing one!
WHY A .ICU DOMAIN NAME? .icu, shorthand for ‘I See You’ is short, memorable, geographically in-dependent and has
tons of registerable combinations because it is one of the newest extensions on the market!
Why Choose a .icu Domain Name
It's Short
Our three distinct letters give users the flexibility to choose the best name to the left of the dot.
It's Easy
Three letter domains extension are understood by consumers, easy to identify, and simple enough to remember.
It's Universal
.icu is industry, language, and geographically agnostic, giving users the ability to use their domain anywhere.
Who uses a .ICU?
From large enterprises with global footprints to college graduates starting new careers, millions around the world have used their .icu domain names successfully to promote a product, offer a service, highlight a skill, and much more.
Think Short
Since .icu is already a short extension and sƟll has some great names availa-ble search for names that are short and to the point.

Try vs
Try Keywords
SEO relies on keywords so that search engines know what consumers will find on your website.

Search for vs
Be Creative
There are tons of available .icu domains. Search for names that your visitors will connect with. Creative and descriptive names perform better with online advertisements and are easier for potential customers to remember.
Once a domain name is registered, the registrar will publish the registration details in a public database called Whois. You can find information on registered .icu domain names, such as the registrar of record.